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New Civil Hospital Surat is the largest tertiary care hospital and provides general and super speciality health care services to Surat city and South Gujarat.

There are twenty million people in India suffering from different kinds of kidney diseases. New civil hospital will start catering comprihensive care under one roof and the needs of all classes of patients with kidney diseases.

Provide service to the field of

deptarr  Nephrology,
deptarr  Urology,
deptarr  Transplantation,
deptarr  Hematology,
deptarr  Autoimmune and Genetic disorders,

Mamta Abhiyan
Unique Disability ID
Betivadhaao Abhiyan (Save the girl child)
Drug Logistics Information & Management System
 Health Schemes
Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)
Mukhyamantri Amrutum
Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram (JSSK)
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