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Hemophilia is a tragic disease where in there is problem in the clotting of blood due to deficiency of clotting factors. It is inherited genetically transmitted disease. Incidence of hemophilia is one per 10,000 population looking to that surat city with a population of about 50,00,000 is expected to have about 500 patient who have a tendency to bleed may be without trauma or with some trauma.

Therapy of hemophilia is centered towards counseling of parents, EARLY therapy with clotting factors, FFP cryoprecipitate, or some drugs but EARLY (urgent) therapy is important to prevent bleeding and its long term consequences in the form of permanent joint damage etc. Diagnostic and prognostic evaluation, physiotherapy, psychotherapy has also a lead role to play.

We are providing free treatment of Hemophilia such as factor therapy and its ancillary services like physiotherapy and family counseling, blood investigation like factor level assessment, radiological investigations, CAT scanning, MRI, complicated knee and other joint surgeries, etc.   (Watch this video)


deptarr  Seperate registration desk
deptarr  Indoor facility with seperate nursing station
deptarr  Plotting factors will be given to patient
deptarr  Blood examination for plotting factor assessment
deptarr  Storage of plotting factor
deptarr  Trained and dedicated staff of Medical Officer, Physiotherapist and Nurse

Sponsor By:             ESSAR Foundation

Inauguration Date:    24 April, 2015

Inauguration By:       Shree Anil Mukim, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Dept., Govt. of Gujarat

OPD Timing:             24x7

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